Sister Cities of Cary, North Carolina

Recognition of WWII veteran, Colonel Hal Shook

Recognition of WWII veteran, Colonel Hal Shook

March 13, 2012, Cary, NC. at the Westwood Baptist Church in Cary, NC.

The Sister Cities Association of Cary in partnership with the American Legion Cary Post 67 will be hosting a hometown recognition of WWII veteran, Colonel Hal Shook, on March 13 at 7 p.m. at the Westwood Baptist Church, 200 Westhigh St. Cary, NC 27513-5736. Colonel Shook was recently appointed a "Chevalier" of the Legion of Honor by decree of President Nicolas Sarkozy of France. This award testifies to President Sarkozy's high esteem for Colonel Shook’s merits and accomplishments. In particular, it is a sign of France's infinite gratitude and appreciation for his personal contributions to the United States' decisive role in the liberation of France during World War II. The Legion of Honor was created by Napoleon in 1802 to acknowledge services rendered to France by persons of great merit. “The French people will never forget the courage and devotion to the great cause of freedom.” Colonel Shook will also be lauded by the French Consulate in a statewide ceremony in the Old House of Representatives Chamber at the Capitol Building on February 28, 2012 at 11:00 AM. Sister Cities is proud to recognize the colonel’s service during WWII to its sister city, Le Touquet, Normandy, France.

The Sister Cities of Cary gratefully acknowledges our partners for this event:

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