Le Touquet, France

In 1837, the notary Alphonse Daloz purchased the land comprising Le Touquet. At that time, Le Touquet consisted of dune areas on the Canche Estuary; however, by the end of the century, Le Touquet had become an attractive wooded location by the sea.

British enthusiasm for the area as a seaside resort gave rise to the creation of Le Touquet Syndicate Ltd. This company extended the urbanized domain, greatly increased its facilities and developed the resort’s activities and hotel trade. The prosperity of Le Touquet is inseparable from the British presence, and its development can be seen from the diversity of Le Touquet’s architecture.  The full name, “Le Touquet-Paris-Plage” signifies that it is the “Beach of Paris.”  It certainly is one of the closest beaches to Paris, minutes from an Auto Route and train station, it’s only two and a half hours from Paris by train or car.

Between the two world wars, Le Touquet became a chic destination, dedicated to sport and elegance, heralding its modern-day reputation as the Garden of the Channel, where villas dot the quiet roads running through the forest, across the dunes and in the wooded hollows.  Sports activities developed for vacationers include skeet shooting, hunting, horseback riding, tennis and golf.  Casinos were built to attract more tourism and remain active today.  More recently Sand Yachting, 3 wheeled craft powered by the wind, is a major attraction to the wide sandy beach there. Click here to be taken to their travel and tourism page. For a live 360 degree web cam view of Le Touquet, click here.  There are 3 views to select, and even though the site is in French, you’ll be able to navigate.  The top view, “Base Nord” shows the river with boats on the north, the middle view, “Lycee Hotelier” is a view from the school near the heart of Le Touquet, and the “Base Sud” shows the wide beach and ocean front condos.

Signing in Le Touquet
10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY  –  On November 16, 2002, a Cary representative was welcomed at Le Touquet’s Hôtel de Ville by mayor Léonce Deprez and citizens of Le Touquet. The occasion marked the 10-year anniversary of the sister city relationship between the two cities.

Activities with Le Touquet
October 2014.  An official delegation from Cary is planning a trip to visit Le Touquet.
August 2003. A delegation from Le Touquet participates in the Cary Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival.
July 11 – 25, 2003. Summer Exchange students from France. (News) The Town of Cary hosted 11 students between the ages of 14 and 15 from Le Touquet.
December 2002. (News) The Sister Cities of Cary and Le Touquet recognize the 10-year anniversary of the sister city relationship between the two cities. A representative from the Town of Cary Sister Cities Commission attended the Web and Film festival in Le Touquet.
November 2002. A member of the Sister Cities Association of Cary travels to Le Touquet to explore the development of a closer working relationship between Le Touquet and the Town of Cary.
July 2002. Hosted a student from Le Touquet, France for three weeks in conjunction with a local Cary host family.
August 2001. Summer Exchange students from France. The Town of Cary hosted 3 students from Le Touquet.
April 2000. Cary High School Band tour to Le Touquet, France and participation in parades in Bruges, Belgium and EuroDisney, Paris, France.
August 1998. Summer Exchange students from France. The Town of Cary hosted 7 students from Le Touquet.
December 1997. Cary High School Band presented concerts in Le Touquet, France before representing Cary at the London New Year’s Day Parade.