Meet Your Sister City – Hsinchu, Taiwan

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We continue our “Meet Your Sister City” series with our Taiwanese Sister City of Hsinchu.  Hsinchu is located in the northwestern part of Taiwan. The city is on the vital north-south freeway with rail services, good public roads and a harbor for shipping. First established in 1711, Hsinchu City was once the beautiful homeland of the Taokas, one of the tribes of Taiwanese plain aborigines. In fact, Hsinchu’s old name “Chuchien” is a Taokas word that means seashore. The Taokas originally lived by the coast around Siangshan Wetland. Then they gradually began to expand toward the northeast and developed the whole Plain, which was known as “Chuchien She.” Hsinchu is the oldest city in northern Taiwan.. It is an area of more than 100 square kilometers cloaked by mountains and the sea.