Taiwanese American Heritage Week

The annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week celebration and performance comes to Cary a few weeks earlier than in the past.  Mark your calendars for 6:30 pm, Sunday, May 10 for this year’s performance at Green Hope High School.

國立東華大學原住民民族學院舞團This year’s performance group is the Dance Troupe of National Dong Hwa University College of Indigenous Studies.  This ten-year-old Dance Troupe consists of NDHU students who are interested in indigenous music and dance cultures.

The Dance Troupe consists of indigenous youths from different tribal units on Taiwan who spend their after-school hours sharing, learning, and knowing more about the beauty of indigenous music and dance cultures of Taiwan.

Advanced tickets can be purchased at Grand Asia Market in South Hills Mall in Cary.   Visit the NC Taiwanese Cultural Arts website for more information.